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Covid-19 did not affect the secondary real estate market in France

The health crisis due to Covid-19 did not affect the secondary real estate market in France: prices increased in the second quarter, and sales were quite stable


UK real estate recession

The UK has entered a recession (from the Latin recessus 'retreat'), but the housing market is showing the highest performance in five years.


Who will receive a tax credit in Italy in 2020

From September 2020, there is a 30% tax rebate for sellers in Italy.


Real estate industry challenges Covid-19

Property prices and rents in Germany continue to rise. Rising prices and rents, fewer foreclosures - so far, real estate has lived up to its anti-crisis reputation during the Corona crisis.


How COVID-19 Affected the Residential Property Market in Bulgaria

On March 13, Bulgaria declared a state of emergency, which lasted 2 months. In the first quarter, the number of housing permits decreased by 21.1%, and the demand for purchase by 6% compared to the same period last year. The second quarter is likely to get worse.


How has the coronavirus affected property choices in Turkey?

The real estate market in Turkey is in recession. Low-interest home loans announced by state banks in June have become a source of life.

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Portal foreign real estate

We present to your attention a unique project - a portal for the sale and lease of foreign real estate. 200 countries, 13 languages. Broadcast in Europe, Asia and America. We have tried to make our website as convenient and informative as possible for both clients and realtors. The user has the ability to search for or add the desired property - apartments, houses, apartments, land on 40 parameters (more than 120 values). Almost all of the options are multiple choice. This means that you can select multiple countries, regions, cities, or other parameters at the same time to search and compare. The legal unit will answer the questions of taxation, mortgage, residence permit and permanent residence in the selected country. Here you can solve all the problems associated with the choice of real estate for sale and rent abroad: book a ticket, book a hotel, get legal support, get advice on liquidity.

real Estate abroad and in Ukraine

On the portal Eurorealt You can find real estate in Ukraine and abroad. We offer a variety of residential and commercial properties, land, as well as luxury real estate. On the pages of our resource presents a wide selection of apartments and houses for both purchase and rent.
In addition to ads about real estate, on the pages of our website You will find a lot of useful information. It will help to understand the latest global trends in the real estate market, learn the legal aspects and legislative features of the acquisition, lease or sale of real estate.
Thus, the block "news" will tell about the current situation in the real estate market in different countries represented in our catalog. It describes the latest changes in legislation, explains trends and fluctuations in sales or rental prices. Expert groups and experts in this field justify the reduction or increase in the value of real estate.
The section "articles" discusses the legal and legislative aspects of the acquisition of housing in Europe and Asia, provides information on obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, and has all the information you need to know in the case of the acquisition or lease of real estate abroad.

rental and sale of residential real estate in the world and in Ukraine

With a wide selection of residential real estate You can find in our database of ads for sale or rent. A wide range of objects will allow you to find a property even a very demanding buyer and tenant. Our selection filter allows you to choose a property by 80 parameters.
So, in addition to the main characteristics, You can choose accommodation by parameters:
● year of construction;
● construction material;
● type of layout;
● window view;
● distance to (sea, metro, airport);
● type of Parking;
● infrastructure;
● et al.

rent and purchase of commercial real estate in the world and Ukraine

The portal Eurorealt presents a wide database of commercial real estate abroad and in Ukraine. You can choose the most suitable object using a unique filter. You can choose not only the country and the city, the category of commercial real estate, the required area, the cost. But also specify the specific parameters:
● electric power capacity (for storage and production facilities);
● height
● availability of ramps, crane beams, access trucks
● the status of the land;
● ownership status;
● what equipment is available;
● infrastructure;
● payback;
● et al.
A large selection of commercial real estate abroad and in Ukraine allows you to choose exactly what You need. Portal Eurorealt can find the property for any purpose:
1. warehouse;
2. office or office center;
3. car service;
4. shopping Mall or shop;
5. restaurant or cafe;
6. sports complex;
7. hotel;
8. factory or production.
When choosing a commercial property, you should also pay attention to the condition of the object (when construction was carried out and what kind of repair), existing communications, accessibility for pedestrians, the presence of Parking. Finding out such seemingly insignificant factors will help to get rid of possible misunderstandings or problems in the future.

foreign real estate Portal Eurorealt

On the portal of foreign real estate Eurorealt You will quickly find residential or commercial real estate in all necessary parameters. Forget about the constant clarification of details and details from the owner or realtor - we did it for You!