21 May 2016, 12:32

Real estate agencies appeared randomly, and their activities are defined by specific market needs that must be met. As they say, demand creates supply.

What responsibilities are assumed by a real estate Agency, what are the functions of :

Marketing and advertising

Professional agencies have the tools and channels that provide adequate and effective advertising for sale and rental, to reach maximum number of potential customers. This is very important: the preparation of an application, photographs, tips for adequate pricing, the publication of advertising in different electronic and printed advertising channels. Many sources advertising the sale or lease of the property to deal with the fact that the proposal is found to be invalid or false, the responsibility of the realtor to verify the seller / landlord, i.e., to prepare for the potential buyer / tenant, ground for secure transactions


Specialists provide professional advice and give recommendations on legislation, the technical parameters of the property, pricing, tax, legal and financial aspects of the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as any other issues that arise in the process of the transaction.

Communication function

It is important to communicate and negotiate with potential clients, the Agency arranges viewings, assisting in negotiations between the parties, the execution and completion of the transaction and support at all stages of the transaction.

Legal advice

Preparation of full package of documents and contracts, inspections of property and documents for property.


The test operations and administration of the whole process of the transaction.

Information support

Providing clients with data on market trends, property prices and the direction in which you need to think at the stage of finding an apartment, help their clients in making the most informed decision on buying or selling.

Additional specialized services

Agencies usually also have specialists in the field of mortgage lending, insurance, follow-up maintenance of the property, which can become extremely useful.

All of these services require knowledge and expertise in many areas - brokerage, sales, marketing, legal, financial, accounting, and others. That is the mission of the expert of real estate to execute all the above functions and features of professional brokers and specialists in all fields relating to real estate transactions.

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