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For many centuries, men's and women's opinions differ all around the either this action or is the object. They are often diametrically opposed. This also applies to the purchase of real estate.How to buy real estate such different creatures, which rules apply? What are the differences between behavior in the search and selection of the upcoming purchase, what to pay attention? What are the features of the object and the region are important directly to both parties, and what is insignificant.

Approach Men when choosing a property. In practice, there are 5 factors that define the behavior of the stronger sex while selecting the desired properties.

Factor 1. Area

Much more important is the number of square meters, not layout. At the same time as women choose already considering potential housing, looking after the arrangement of furniture and further interior design in an existing layout. Men, on the other hand, usually change the layout to meet their needs. Rather, they demolished all the partition or transfer of sanitary - domestic premises, if necessary. Mostly, men prefer apartments with area more impractical layout, the women, conversely, prefer compact cozy apartment.

Factor 2. Security

For men prevails the wording "my home is my castle". The apartment should be a relaxing place where you can relax after a working day and leave the problems of the surrounding world outside the home. Optimal security fence, intercom, Concierge, security, video surveillance and more. A significant advantage of the building is the underground Parking.

Factor 3: Technical condition.

While the responsibility for the interior design property of men almost always leave on your other half or designer, technical condition responsible for yourself. They did not focus on the interior, considering that all defects will be removed after repair. But the flooring, the quality of the pipes, plumbing and electrical equipment must pass their uncompromising expertise. When considering the purchase of an apartment in the construction phase men are more careful. They specify what construction materials were used, to observe whether the seller of the technology and what are the costs.

Factor 4. A limited number of options.

Men, unlike women, do not want to gradually and carefully examine hundreds or thousands of offers to find the one perfect. They are usually inclined to decide immediately, focusing on the outcome, and in any case neither the search process. A large number of clients need a " good home ". And to find it sufficient, from 2 to 5 sentences. But if the offer is open, which meets several important criteria, the man will stop the search on it. To continue the search is considered to be a waste of time.

However, many men often can be customized for purchase and a furnished property to save time by repairing and furnishing of the apartment "turnkey". Some clients reject the opportunity, as the furniture which they want to choose, they will bring a feeling of pleasure and a desire to put their "piece" in every detail. In addition, women often do not want to use the furniture and equipment from the former owners.

Factor 5 . Uniqueness.

The stronger sex wants something exceptional, exclusive and the best, to know that that what has he released a single instance, to be able to tell your friends about something that he owned produced in a limited edition, such as 2 minute proximity to the sea or a unique machine.


Women's approach to housing choice. In society it is accepted to speak about the unsolved stereotype of female logic, unpredictability of action and excessive emotionality and sensuality of the representatives of the so-called weaker sex, such theories interfere in the acquisition of real estate.

Factor 1. Intuition.

The wording that "women love with their ears" does not apply to real estate. When you search for "Paradise in a tent" they listen to own inner voice more than the words of other people, even if experts say. Women rely only on their own experience gained while viewing 3D images, locations, buildings, etc. When visiting homes in the secondary market, women constantly move from one room to another and long standing at the window. During this period of time they assess whether this is their idea of "ideal home". And their intuition in this moment answers the question.

Factor 2. The ideal property.

Unlike the opinions that the girls themselves do not realize what exactly he wants, it seems, on the contrary, they are very well aware of what they need. To go to the store to buy a white coat, but without thinking to buy the yellow-tiled color handbag, ideal for her to find her coat and find the perfect bag. Conclusion - house is also required to be flawless. As noted above, in choosing a car, apartment and everything else, the man focused on the outcome and intends to solve the problem faster. A woman looking for the apartment of your dreams until you 100% sure that I found the best option. At the same time, thinking over how much and what kind of furniture can be placed, whether near housing, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. the Search ends when the picture (puzzle) is folded.

Factor 3. Reflections.

From the point of view of real estate " law of women's impulsivity” does not work. Under the influence of feelings and emotions ladies to buy only minor things. When selecting real estate, they will carefully consider all the options, and only then, will examine all suitable. Chance that after reviewing all the ads on the site, girl to stay on 3-4 sites and will make a decision about the transaction, is almost zero. Even if potential sites meet the housing needs and will offer a tempting price, women will continue to explore opportunities for more perfect accommodations. Unlike men who are ready to sign a purchase agreement immediately, if the property meets the criteria.

Factor 4. The savings

Despite the fact that women tend to easily spend a small amount of money, thus securing for yourself a good mood or a beautiful appearance, a waste of money not provided for serious purchase, which include the acquisition of property. Women differ from men in their desire to negotiate a better price. The goal is to save money to buy furniture, appliances and finishing works.

Factor 5. Independence.

Even if a woman wants her husband paid for the purchase, the choice of the estate is left for her. But since the likelihood that she is confident in the "correctness" of the choice of ownership is small, the fact that the 'gift' that allows her to gradually get used to the choice of a partner, and eventually fall in love with this option.

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