21 May 2016, 15:53

More and more people are becoming motivated to move abroad for a number of reasons. Some are not satisfied with their current way of life, not everything happens as planned, not one or the economic Outlook has changed, for others it is important a desire to change lifestyle, to find their place in this world.

Everyone has their own specific motivation to explore relocation as an option to improve the lives of ... but for the vast majority of us, our decisions are based on five main reasons for moving abroad, which we will discuss in this article.


1) Many expats are motivated to go abroad to improve career opportunities and earn more money

Recently published researcher HSBC, which conducted a survey of immigrants and found that the number one reason for most expats moving abroad is to promote their own career prospects and earning more money as a result.

Of the surveyed 4,127 expatriates in more than 100 countries, 57% said that they specifically chose the option of moving abroad to get work to sign the best contract of employment, to earn more, or to move up the career ladder.

So if you feel that the labour market currently does not support your ambitions that you are limited by the lack of prospects that you want to earn more, but the economy at the local level may not support your requests - you are not alone.

Very good news for you is that of those expats surveyed, 61% well enough secured, if you live and work abroad - that is, they have much more disposable income than before. And a whopping 87% were untouched by the global economic crisis as proof that you can find the best opportunities in many ways if you live abroad.

2) an increasing number of people want to live abroad, to see the world and broaden their own horizons.

Before the issue of travel for many was not even in my dreams, work - home, home - work, this is a pastime that allows most people realize. Currently travelling all: how children and young people and pensioners - we have a desire to see the world, and as a result we are looking for opportunities! The availability of the Internet and inexpensive options of flights, means that you can now explore much more territory, people finally realized that if they really want to see the world, they have to live abroad and experience life in another culture first hand.

Extended travel visas and working visas, allow more people to visit more places. But those who really wants to expand his horizons and move to live permanently in the country of their dreams

If you feel that there is a place on earth created for you, do it, step into the future.

3) retirement abroad is a good prospect.

In Britain, for example, have realized that at the state level they can not support welfare and benefits and state pensions must be reduced. These are the realities for vast numbers of people retiring.

The economy in many countries is in a poor state, interest rates on savings becoming lower and therefore, more and more people are forced to find a more realistic option for affordable retirement.

The number one choice for people to consider moving abroad for a better, more affordable lifestyle in a country where the economy is still strong enough and the taxes are lower.

If you want a better life after retirement - better weather, a healthier lifestyle, a more secure nation, more friendly people then look at the conduct of the old age abroad.

4) up To 25% of expats tired of their old house and they are tired of their nation

24% of expats surveyed by HSBC said they live abroad only because they were dissatisfied with their former life in the Homeland. This is an indicator that is growing ...

Some countries, concerned with issues of immigration, faced with the economic crisis, unemployment, social explosion, reduction of public expenditure. It is the representatives of these Nations often configured to travel outside of their country.

If you are unhappy with the state of life in your country and you do it does not hold - you can search your fortunes and your happiness elsewhere. And the good news is that there are many places where the economy and lifestyle better.

5) And finally, the deepest reason is love.

You can go abroad for a loved one for a family reunion or to find their second halves. Love has no boundaries. In the 21st century people spend a lot of time on Dating sites. And, in some cases, one of the Dating turns into real love. Or love can be ignited during a vacation or business trip in a foreign country, when you accidentally meet the man of their dreams. However, as romantic as it sounds: moving to another country because you are in love, a courageous step and should be well thought out.

Each nation represents an opportunity and a challenge - and almost every country in the world you will find colleagues expats, which can help make your move a happy and successful. Think and look for all of these reasons, this move was good for your life , for your partner or spouse - perhaps this will allow you to see your future, what you haven't seen it yet. Perhaps this will give you a better quality of life for a lower price. Maybe your children will have the opportunity to learn a new language - or you'll be able to find a job and do what you love.

In conclusion

We all have uniquely personal reasons for the decision to move - but the vast majority of us will find that one of the five above-mentioned categories corresponds to one of our fundamental reasons for moving abroad.

The fact that the world is becoming more open, in terms of travel options and resettlement opportunities and at the same time, we often find more and more reasons to see more countries, cities in the world.

You do not need to be limited in their choice, there is a whole world of experiences and perspectives. Where would you go, plenty of opportunities to do more interesting with my life before it become too late! Life abroad - the opportunity to really see the world, and to find peace.


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