22 August 2016, 11:13

1).Low level crime.
Greece is one of the most safe countries in the European Union. Most of the inhabitants of small Islands and cities leave things and the keys in the car and trite not close to the houses door, and it's a significant figure, prove, what you can do to be sure for its safety. Tourists and immigrants also say, that walking in the night on a Greek waterfront or on a dark street, feel myself absolutely calm.

2).The pricing policy.
Over the last couple of years the cost of housing in Greece is significantly decreased. Prices for apartments are already close to Bulgarian. For example, at this point, housing in the resort town of Greece in the 200 meters from the sea, possible to buy for 50 thousand Euro. More that the situation with representatives of the market of real estate, became much smoother, they are more loyal to the marketplace, discounts and all often themselves offer installments.
3).A variety of types of recreation.
Greece has collected in itself all the most magnificent opportunities to relax, here there is everything, what you wish the soul of the tourist: modern apartment with designer renovation and hotels on any purse, clean equipped beaches with white sand, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, allowing you to swim and take sun bath almost round the year, lively discos and quiet parks, incredible beauty, picturesque surroundings with all kinds of rocks, mountains and forests and even a lot of all.

4).A member of the EU and included in part of the Schengen area.
Along with buying real estate, Greece provides many opportunities. The owner opens for itself the doors in any point of the Schengen space, through obtaining multiple-entry visas, allowing you to be in any European country 180 days in a year.

5).Rich Church heritage.
In Greece, presented the large number of Holy places. Orthodox believers are waiting for the singular purity of the atmosphere, prevailing in the temples, churches and other shrines. 98% of the inhabitants of Greece profess Christianity .

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