17 November 2016, 18:48

Few facts about Batumi

The number of tourists from countries of the CIS in Georgia increased to 35% for 2016 year. In the period from the beginning of the year at the end of winter, the country was visited by more than 300 thousand people. It is a noticeable leap, and as it is projectedthat this figure will only grow. The most visited cityBatumi, colorful, picturesque, with its ancient history with one hand, and permanent young, technologically advanced and modern city of the black coast with the other.
He is without doubt worthy of attention from the side of investors of real estate.

For people born in the USSR, this Georgian resort in the presentation does not need. Welcoming, sincere people and warm sea took tourists even 30 years ago. Many who have been there in those times, to now, then, speak about Batumi, how about the best place where they managed to visit. Flew years, but the charm of his this great city is not lost. He retained all the best and multiplied this new architectural heritage and good service.
The main advantage of a summer resortit is warm sea, clean beach and warming sun. In Batumi this more than enough. Miles of beaches along the coast of the black sea, and in additives to it and the duration of the resort from the beginning of may at the end of October. The most pleasant time for a family vacation the end of June and mid - September. In this time not much bakes the sun, and the sea in its turn is already as fresh milk. If you same you fan to relax under the scorching sunshineholiday in August that is for You.
For fans of beach games and active rest in General, there is a large diversity of water types of sport, diving.
In connection with instability of the hryvnia, the prices there are not so attractive, as even a few years ago. But all the same more affordable than at similar resorts in the European countries, and on some goods and services even in several times cheaper.

Of course the cuisine of Georgia is that, for the sake of what is coming the lion's share of tourists. Where still it is possible to taste traditional Georgian dishes such as kebab or khachapuri po-basins, prepared by the Georgians , Yes else and in itself the capital of Adjara. In Batumi

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