19 April 2018, 18:12

Austria, as a country for investment, ranks high in the ranking. A stable rise in prices is the best indicator of a good economy. Both the sale and the rent are popular, but the most advantageous position is residential and commercial real estate, namely for rent, such investments bring income many times more.  

  • Option 1. Apartment buildings in the capital

Speaking of apartment buildings and apartments, Vienna certainly has an advantage in choosing a city. The demand here is high both from the side of local residents and Europeans. The city is gradually growing and developing, thanks to the influx of new residents. According to statistics, the population of Vienna adds 30 thousand people annually. And a significant part of it is filled by foreigners. According to the Mercer ranking, Vienna is one of the most prosperous cities in the world and has a high quality of life.


  • Option 2. Seasonal and year-round hotels

Over the past couple of years, Russian-speaking businessmen have increasingly started investing in hotel the property. One of the factors is a stable profitability (6-9% per annum), but what is more attractive is the safety of investments in the long term. The Austrian hospitality business has proven itself to be stable and financially attractive over the years. All types of hotels are popular, from simple family run hotels to luxury 5-star hotels with predominantly outsourced management. The main influx of tourists is during the winter season, so ski resorts are geographically attractive. When choosing this type of facility, you need to pay attention to the proposed lifestyle of the hotel, it should be a corner in which guests can relax as much as possible and disconnect from their usual routine. Outside the alpine resorts, year-round hotels are in demand. They have a number of advantages, the main of which is that the profit does not depend on the season, which means that income comes all year round, on average 8%. Also, it is important that such hotels require less additional investment in the form of mandatory entertainment and wellness options. The requirements for such hotels are exclusively the availability of rooms.  

  • What are the costs when making a deal:


  1. Property transfer tax 3.5%
  2. Registration fee 1.1%
  3. Additional costs 0.8%
  4. Real estate agent fees 3.6%

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