21 May 2016, 12:05

The government of the Czech Republic adopted the decision on the construction of exceptionally energy saving, apartment and family homes with consumption of minimum quantities of energy, this setting will become valid from the 2020 year, but for large projects with a volume heated of the territory of more than 1500 m2, such requirements will begin to act on a few years earlier.

Experts in the field of construction anticipate an increase in consumable articles for the construction of such housing, which obviously can lead to a certain growth of prices on the market of real estate of the Czech Republic. Growth is projected in the area of 15%.

After the introduction of a new principle, companies specializing in this field expect global changes. Construction the Commission will grant a license to build only energy-saving buildings. In addition to this, the tougher it will become and sanitary - hygienic norms. For example, in the construction, definitely need will be to equip the house special system of ventilation.

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