23 May 2016, 17:38

Sharply increased demand for French property from the side of the British, the reason for this was the attractive ratio of the rate of currencies, the flexibility of price policy and good deals on loans and mortgages.
Comparing one and the same period 2015 and 2016 years, and that is the first quarter, according to official data it is evident that racing interest increased to 60%, and this figure steadily increases with each passing day.
What is interesting, the attention of buyers for the greater part focused on luxury real estate azure coast - the Riviera. The price increase will affect not only this territory, but and Paris, Bordeaux, the Alps and partly the Provence. The cost of square meter of spur reduction of prices on housing in the centre of the country, and the growth of sales in seaside area, in particular, Cannes and San-Tropez.
According to statistics, most foreigners priobretaya property in France, this British people, also residents of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, America and in this year to their number are added the Ukrainians, in connection with the prospect of the abolition of the visa regime.

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