23 May 2016, 21:33

According to George Osborne, the Chancellorand the UK, taking the current solution on the ballot, the cost of housing by 2018 will decline, and decrease 10-19%. Such conclusions were made on the basis of the report from the Treasury.
"Leaving the EU is a road to nowhere, which will carry immediate consequences, and will hit all the markets. Such a decision in the near future will lead to higher interest rates on mortgages and credit, and to the impoverishment of the population." Obviously this will negatively affect the cost of square meters.

George Osborne announced that the Treasury has prepared a statement, based on which it is visible that for the next 2 years after the British exit from the EU in the country will drop by 10-19%.

Some state officials have already reacted to this statement. Among them the Minister of energy
Andrea Leadsom, who supports the exit from the European Union, because in his opinion much more impressive harm to the economy of Britain will cause stay in the zone of unstable situation with the currency. And according to the economist Vince Cable, the decline in real estate prices have a positive impact on its availability and economic situation in General.
But there are those who support the point of view of the Chancellor, analysts from the Institute of specialized appraisers Kingdom. Even before the referendum, they warned that it might cause economic and political turmoil, thereby aboutTurnov investors.

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