17 November 2016, 18:30

2016 Montenegro was opened for tourists in a new light, now this is not some mediocre country where you can stop along the way in France or Italy, as previously thought, now that the country is passing to another level of relaxation, rest level Suite.

The last two years the cost of real estate in Montenegro is growing steadily. Investing for the most part, the French, Swiss and British. Ukrainians carried 8.9 percent of transactions in the quarter, which is not enough.

There was a lot of houses the so-called budget price segment. The last 4 years has improved the quality of construction, introducing new technology, not previously used, which can compete in quality with many of the leading construction companies of Europe.

Built a large number of apartments with pools, management companies and diverse infrastructure of the sea. It attracts a large number of investors as the prospect of buying a home abroad and earnings without spending time by the management company, it is a good investment.

Cost per m2 in new buildings starts from 2.5 thousand Euro. The apartments luxury apartments, first line ,price per square meter from 3.5 thousand euros.

Secondary market order cheaper apartment 29 m2 can be purchased for 35,000 euros, and the house is 100m2 with a small plot overlooking the sea can be purchased for 65,000 euros.

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