18 July 2018, 10:28
  • Latvia became the leader in the rate of growth in property prices

According to Eurostat data, which was recently published in the public domain, Latvia has become the leader in terms of growth in property prices. Over the year, the average cost of apartments in the country increased by 13.7%. It is noted that the rise in housing prices, to one degree or another, occurs in almost all European countries. The only exceptions are Sweden, Italy and Finland, where not only did the rise in price not occur, but also vice versa, there is a slight decrease in the price of apartments.

  • Rising property prices in other European countries

According to published data, in other European countries, the rise in the cost of living space is also very fast:

  • Real estate in Slovenia rose by 13.4%; 12.3% in Ireland; The cost of real estate in Portugal increased by 12.2%; Slovakia and Hungary 11.7 and 11.5%, respectively.

Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and other countries did not exceed the 10% mark. On average in the European Union, the growth in real estate prices is about 4.7%.

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