20 July 2018, 13:15
  • The number of empty houses is growing rapidly in France

The incredible pace of construction of new buildings in France against the background of a not so rapid population growth in the country lead to an increased number of empty houses. The main distinguishing feature of French real estate has become a large number of new buildings, the number of which is growing every year. The National Institute of Statistics has conducted analytical studies of real estate throughout the country.

  • Reasons for the growth of vacant real estate in France

It turned out that since 2010, almost 400 thousand new houses have been commissioned every year. This figure is almost double that of the UK. In France, the number of new households increased by 1.1%, while the demographic indicator increased by only 0.5%. This ratio should have met the growing need for real estate for divorced people, single-parent families, given the current life expectancy in the country. All other new homes are designed for use as holiday homes, workshops or other professional needs. As a result, a huge number of m2 appeared in the country, which for the most part are not used by their owners.

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