23 July 2018, 11:11
  • The house, created with a 3D printer, was first occupied by people!

The world's first 3D-printed home has finally found a home! A family of 5 settled in a unique dwelling, which was built in just 2 days. Large one-storey house with an area of almost 100 sq. m. and 4 bedrooms, is a pilot project in cooperation with three organizations at once:

  1. City Council.
  2. University of Nantes.
  3. Housing Association.

Such a project was created by the idea and the desire of specialists to achieve a reduction in the cost and acceleration of the construction of houses for housing, while maintaining the same conditions for staying in apartments.

  • Features of a house created on a 3D printer

The main features of this house are:

  • its size (nothing like this has ever been created using a 3D printer);
  • significantly lower cost compared to construction from traditional building materials;
  • smoothness of lines;
  • the ability to control lighting.

As strange as it sounds, it took a little over two days to print the house. Of course, then it took several months to "bring it to mind", for example, to make a roof, insert windows and doors. It is quite possible that over time the printing of such a house will be no more than a day and a half. Such houses are being built not only in France. The Netherlands also creates houses that are "built" with a 3D printer. And in the future, these apartments will be rented out.

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