23 July 2018, 11:38
  • Foreign investors are increasingly interested in new buildings in Prague

Due to the stable political and economic situation in the Czech Republic, as well as the further development of the country, foreign investors have again become interested in real estate in Prague. In particular, among foreigners, apartments in newly built houses are more and more in demand. According to experts from various companies, from 8 to 10% of all purchases of apartments in Prague are made by foreign citizens. The most active in the Czech real estate market are:

  • immigrants from the CIS countries;
  • citizens of Great Britain, Israel, USA, Germany;
  • China and Vietnam.

At the same time, almost all foreign investors give preference to new housing. Most of them earn by renting or subsequent, more expensive, real estate sales.

  • The cost of housing in Prague in relation to other European cities

The high interest of investors in real estate in Prague is also due to the difference in prices for apartments between the Czech capital and other major European cities:

  • Prague - $ 3,240;
  • Berlin - $ 4,010;
  • Munich - $ 8,010;
  • London - $ 9,420.

Thus, despite the rapid growth in the quality and life expectancy in the Czech Republic, the economic development of the country, the price of real estate in Prague is still more attractive in comparison with other European cities.

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