24 July 2018, 11:27
  • Prices for luxury real estate in Dubai are among the lowest in the world

This is the conclusion reached by experts. Experts have carefully analyzed the offers and the level of prices for apartments in the UAE, comparing them with other European and Asian cities. According to Core Savills, apartments in Paris and Moscow will cost the buyer 50% more, and in Singapore - 40% more. If we compare the average prices for elite-class apartments in Dubai and New York or London, the difference in price with offers in the UAE will be at least three times. At the same time, the area of purchased real estate in Dubai will be three times larger, or even more times.

  • Features of luxury real estate in Dubai

It is also worth noting that when buying a home, there are a number of additional costs that you cannot do without (commissions, taxes, etc.). In Dubai, this figure is the smallest and amounts to 8% of the cost of apartments, while in Hong Kong this figure reaches 32%. However, now more modest apartments are being built in the Emirates. This is an orientation towards the requests, opportunities and wishes of foreign buyers. At the same time, the quality of such housing does not deteriorate, but on the contrary it becomes much better when compared with earlier buildings. Regardless of everything, most buyers are trying to purchase housing on the "secondary" market. They regard such investments as more profitable than "new buildings".

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